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Japan's leading company of tool & cutter grinder now challenges the world market.

Company introduction

Makino Seiki Co., Ltd. is a tool & cutter grinder manufacturer with history of more than half century. You may not often hear the word "tool & cutter grinder", but "cutting tools" produced by our machines are used in almost all manufacturing industries for processing metals. In this respect, our machine is indispensable for modern industries.
The optimum machine specifications differ depending on diameter, length, shape, material, etc. of cutting tools to be produced. Among them, we have a wide range of machines from universal tool & cutter grinder "C-40", which won the "Long Life Best-Selling Award" (from "Association to honor machine tools with historical value"), to fully automatic CNC tool & cutter grinder with robot.
Our market share of tool & cutter grinder is the biggest in Japan, and in overseas market we were selected as a "Global Niche Top 100" company by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI Japan) in 2020.


We support manufacturing industries as one of the few manufacturers of "tool & cutter grinder" in Japan.
We mainly provide the following R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales supports.

  • High-Precision CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder
  • High-Precision Vertical Cylindrical Grinder
  • Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder
  • Tool Measuring Machine
  • Dedicated Programming Software

Our Strengths

  • 01


    All of our machines are developed, designed & manufactured in the headquarter factory in Japan. Under strict quality controls we have been producing high quality machines to our customers for more than 50years. Our product lineup is the most extensive in our industry, and thus possible to meet various needs from manual machine to latest CNC machine. Our market share of tool & cutter grinder is the biggest in Japan, and in overseas market we were selected as a "Global Niche Top 100" company by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI Japan) in 2020.

  • 02

    Covering three consecutive processes

    In manufacturing process of cutting tools, "Blank Grinding" to make rough shape of the tools, "Tool Grinding" to form all the cutting edges & relieves, and "Tool Measuring" are required in a row. Originally we were the company to produce only "Tool Grinding" machine, but with the development of Tool Measuring Machine in 2016 and High-Precision Vertical Cylindrical Grinder ("Blank Grinding" machine) in 2017 we became the only machine builder in the world covering these three consecutive processes.

  • 03

    Original software

    While many tool & cutter grinder manufacturers use general-purpose software of software developers, our machines always comes with our own software. We have developed the most suitable software for each machine & application such as "MSPS-II" for tool & cutter grinders, "Flute Creator" specialized in fluting process, and "Blank Creator" for blank grinding, in order to maximize the performance of our machines.

What we do

Machine Design
Machine development and mechanical desgin.
Control Design
Control circuit design of machine
Software Development
Application software development and maintenance
Application Technology
Tool processing methods development
Logistic / Production planning management
Customer Service
Machine repair / Service parts
Machine assembly
Assembly of parts, electrical wiring, installation of machines
General affairs / Accounting
Equipment maintenance / management, payroll, account settlement work, company general support work
Corporate sales, exhibition, PR
  • R&D


    3D-CAD to develop new machine models and design special specifications. Worthwhile job to realize your design come true.

  • Application


    Involved in a wide range of works such as developing dedicated software, setting machines up at customers, and proposing grinding solutions.

  • Assembly work

    Assembly work

    Build machines with high precision in time.

  • Sales


    Involved in sales activities such as visiting existing customers, developing new customers, and organizing & attending exhibitions.