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High-Precision CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder MG30

Main Features

  1. 22.0kW high-power grinding wheel spindle
  2. Double-faced contact (HSK) for grinding wheel sleeve
  3. Direct drive system adopted for rotary axes (A, W)
  4. Highly flexible programming system: MSPS-Ⅱ

Major Machine Specifications

Maximum Tool Size for Grinding Overall tool length max.200mm
Tool diameter max.φ150mm
Grinding Spindle Spindle nose taper HSK-A50
Max. output power 22.0kW
Spindle speed 500〜8000min-1
Work Head Spindle nose taper ISO No.40

Machine Body Structure

High Rigidity to Ensure Both High-precision and High-efficiency

A super robust body structure with high-precision and high-efficiency secures high-level stability of powerful heavy-duty grinding.
High rigid work-head and swivel axis./Optimal structural design based on stress analysis

Grinding Wheel Spindle Supporting High-precision and High-efficiency

HSK grinding wheel spindle (manual clamp)/Grinding wheel sleeve for HSK (HSK-A50)

The high-power grinding wheel, with 22.0kW output and revolutions from 500 to 8,000min-1, enables high-level of efficiency.
The grinding wheel adopts HSK to contribute to improvement of precise processing and performance.

〔Features of the HSK System〕

  1. High precision

    Repeated accuracy for attaching and removing the grinding wheel sleeve is less than 2μm.
  2. High rigidity

    High rigidity in all directions
  3. Easy removal

    Automatic clamping system makes it easy to remove the grinding wheel sleeve.

Body structure and CNC control axis configuration

Optimal CNC Control Axis Configuration

Optimal CNC control axis configuration and strokes for each axis enable to grind a wide range of tools. In addition, the grinding wheel is located in the center of the machine. This symmetry structure minimizes effects of deformation caused by heat generation.

High Positioning Accuracy to Guarantee Precise Processing

DD system for the rotary axes (A, W) which eliminates backlash promises accurate processing at all times.

DD system adopted to the rotary axes(A,W)

Stress-free Operations

Fully automatic grinding with one chucking operation for stress-free tool grinding.

〔Process Flow〕
Processing program started→Position of the tool automatically detected with sensors→Grinding commenced→Grinding completed

Compact, Space-saving Design

A compact design of 1,600 mm x 2,120 mm x 2,100 mm (W x D x H)
* Not including the control panel

Compact, space-saving design

Programming System MSPS-Ⅱ

Highly Flexible Programming System

Programming system with refined easy-to-use functions flexibly responds to grinding of a wide variety of tool shapes.



  • Grinding Wheel / Grinding Fluid Nozzle Changer “AWC3”
  • Automatic Work Piece Changer “Mini Loader”
  • Fine Surface System Specialized for PCD Tool Grinding “FSS”

These options are loaded inside the machine. Thus, it does not reduce MG30’s outstanding productivity per floor space. The combination of options is free.

Mini Loader & AWC3

*Only the combination of “AWC3” & “FSS” is not possible

Grinding Wheel / Grinding Fluid Nozzle Changer “AWC3”

“AWC3” automatically changes 3 sets of grinding wheels / grinding fluid nozzles. It expands the possibility of grinding, and gives more flexibility.
Operators can choice grinding wheels on the intended use, therefore it enables to grind special shape tools.

  • Grinding wheel sleeve / grinding fluid nozzle : 3sets
  • Maximum number of grinding wheels : 15


Automatic Work Piece Changer “Mini Loader”

“Mini Loader”, a compact built-in type loader, is suitable for high-mix low-volume production. Combined with “AWC3”, it brings marked improvement in MG30’s productivity.

Tool diameter Tool capacity
φ3〜φ6mm 39 tools
φ6〜φ12mm 27 tools
φ12〜φ20mm 18 tools
  • Overall tool length:max.200mm

Mini Loader

Fine Surface System Specialized for PCD Tool Grinding “FSS”

  • High precision and high efficiency in “PCD tool” grinding


Onboard rotary dresser with 2 linear axes of NC controlled keeps wheels surface ideal for grinding. Therefore it avoids a decrease in grinding efficiency.


  • Automatic “grinding”, “measurement” and “correction”

Workpiece is automatically grinded to exact target size through cycle process of “grinding”, “measurement”, and “correction”.
Therefore this system does not require a high-level skill of operators, minimize the quality variability caused by each operator’s skill level, and if “Mini Loader” is added to MG30, automated continuous grinding can become possible.

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